Application Forms

Applications and Payment for 2014 required by 31st March 2014

Benefits of joining AMPI

AMPI La Paz is affiliated with AMPI NATIONAL which gives you contact with the other professional real estate associations throughout Mexico, as well as with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS in the United States, a sister organization, to which you can obtain membership as an International Affiliate.

You may use the AMPI logo on your business card, your stationary and in your advertising. You may become a member of the AMPI La Paz Board of Directors, hold national offices, speak and vote at conventions. You may also sponsor new Affiliate members.

AMPI NATIONAL sponsors national conventions, district conferences, education, insurance, a magazine, a national directory of members, a national website, a national lobby with political clout and it is recognized by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS and the CANADIAN REALTORS ASSOCIATION as a sister organization.


Additional Advantages

As a member of AMPI:

    • You can become a member of ICREA (International Consortium of Real Estate Associations), where you can post your best listing internationally on the ICREA website, and obtain referrals from realtors throughout the World.


    • You may use the name REALTOR and the REALTOR symbol “R” in Mexico? You need to be a member of AMPI to become an “International REALTOR” and use their registered trademarks.


    • You are expected to be ethical. All AMPI members subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics, and when a prospective buyer sees your AMPI identification, he knows he will be treated fairly, honestly and with respect.


    • You pledge to submit any disputes you may have with other realtors or brokers, to the Honor and Justice Committee for mediation or arbitration and to be bound by the decisions taken. Problems are solved by interaction with you peers.


  • Part of your dues will be spent on advertising. More and more consumers are recognizing the AMPI logo. The public understands that AMPI members are educated professionals, bound by a common goal: Honest, respectful service to the general public.